Harrison County Hospital offers an extended stay hospital program for patients who may require rehabilitation following a hospital stay, trauma, or surgery. The HCH Swing Bed Rehabilitation Program provides the same services as a skilled nursing facility within the healing environment of the hospital. Swing Bed care is provided by Registered Nurses, with physicians available on-site, as well as onsite radiology and laboratory services.

Who can benefit from the Swing Bed Rehabilitation Program?

Who is eligible?

Traditional Medicare Patients are eligible for the HCH Swing Bed Rehabilitation Program. HCH Care Coordination will work with you to determine your eligibility and financial responsibility.

Who is involved in your care?

Patients receive skilled evaluation, rehabilitation, and treatment services five to seven days per week, or as prescribed. Your care team includes:

What to expect?

Our focus is improving your physical, nutritional, and medical condition. During your Swing Bed stay, hospital staff and medical staff will work together to create a treatment plan and health goals specific to your needs. The team will also work together to determine your discharge plan for returning home.

Other benefits include:

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