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Price Estimator

Harrison County Hospital is providing this information to assist you in determining your costs prior to electing to move forward with your procedures.

Good Faith Estimate for Scheduled Services

According to Indiana HB 1004, all non-Medicaid patients have the right to obtain an estimate of the amount Harrison County Hospital and all associated providers will charge for non-emergency services which have been ordered, scheduled, or referred to our facility. Indiana law requires that a good faith estimate be provided within 5 business days of request.

Any estimates provided are non-binding, as the charge may vary based on the patient’s need at the time of service and the patient’s benefit plan design, as applicable.

How to obtain a charge estimate

Option 1: Complete a request to Billing here

Option 2: You can obtain a cost estimate here

Option 3: Contact our Patient Advocate at 812-734-3835

Note: You may need to provide the CPT code for your requested test or procedure.

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