Diabetes Self-Management Class Makes a Difference for Debby

This February was not the best month health-wise for Debby from Palymra. After feeling un-well and visiting her nurse practitioner, Debby was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Debby was enrolled in the Diabetes Self-Management Class at Harrison County Hospital in April.

“I credit the class with helping to save my life,” said Debby. “The education that you get from the class is more than your provider can go over with you in your visit.”

Debby found the role of the nutritionist in the class extremely helpful. Debby has completed the Diabetes Self-Management Class and her results are an improved A1C score (now in the normal range), increased energy and healthier eating habits.

The Diabetes Self-Management Class at Harrison County Hospital is taught by trained Diabetes Educator Nancy Russel, RN & HCH Registered Dietitian Cheryl Fisher. The class is held the first Tuesday of each month. A physician order is required. To learn more or to register for the class, call 812-738-7887.

*The Diabetes Self-Management Class is accredited by the American Association of Diabetic Educators.

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